Welcome to Falcon Desert International (FDI). Under the guidance and leadership of our Executive Chairman, FDI has been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation for over 20 years, focused on the future of Kuwait and the middle east’s development and security. We tirelessly strive to remain at the forefront of our customers’ services, contracting and logistics needs by anticipating their requirements, exceeding their expectations and providing world class solutions.

FDI’s long-term relationships with our customers, business partners and affiliates are based on trust, confidence and mutual respect and we remain committed to the continued development of mutually beneficial relationships with them.

The FDI family takes great pride in the quality services and products we offer, believing that our customer’s success is our success. Our ever expanding list of products and capabilities, whether it be in security and defense, healthcare or any other field, are focused on the needs of our governments and societies today, and into the future. Our foods division continues to grow as well, adding products from all over the world, and focused on expanding accessibility to our customers.

As FDI looks toward the future, we cannot help but be excited at the prospects before us. We are proud to continue to serve such a prominent list of customers both in the State of Kuwait, and throughout the middle east with the outstanding business partners and associates we have.

Thank you and with kindest regards,

Ahmed Nabil